Frequently Asked Questions

If you have further questions please feel free to give us a call or stop by.

Q - How do I obtain a dealer’s license in PA?

A – In order to become a licensed dealer you must go through a certain amount of training hours mandated by the PA Gaming Control Board. Training must be done at a state licensed school or casino & verified by the PA Gaming Control Board. In addition, you must be CPR certified. Upon gaining employment from a casino you will then apply for your dealer’s license.

Q - Will my certificate be valid in other states?

A – Yes – the certificate from our school is valid in any state and/or country.  We have graduates working in Florida, Virginia, Ohio, Chicago, New York, North Carolina, Delaware, Maryland, California, Cruise Ships and other Countries.

Q - Who are your instructors?

A – All of our instructors are currently working in area casinos as floor supervisors and have extensive experience as dealers as well as casino management.  Our lead instructor previously owned and operated a successful dealer school in Atlantic City. Unlike other schools, we never use dealers to instruct our classes.

Q - Honestly, how much do dealers earn?

A – On average dealers usually make between $20 & $25 an hour in tips plus your hourly wage of $5 – $10 an hour.

Q - Do you have Job Placement Assistance?

A – Yes. Many of the area casinos have visited our facility and have also auditioned our graduates on premise. We have built a solid reputation with all the area casinos and they continually refer students to our school for dealer training.  Some of the Casinos out of our area offer relocation bonuses if you graduate from our school. We also provide additional training for casinos and their current dealers wishing to learn more games.

Q - Do you have payment plans available?

A – Yes. We have plans that will allow you to pay a little bit each week or every other week.  Call for more information regarding tuition, casino tuition reimbursement, tax credits and payment plans.

Q - I have a full-time career, can I find a casino job and just work one or two nights a week?

A – Although you can work full-time hours and even receive benefits at some places, many dealers only work part time to supplement their income.

Q - What makes your school unique?

A – When you take classes at our school, you are not only learning from experienced instructors, but you’re learning from supervisors, managers and school teachers. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Q - Do you offer additional courses that are unique to your school?

A – Yes. In addition to the table games we T.I.P.S. train our dealers. This is an alcohol awareness certification that teaches you how to better deal with customers that may have had too much to drink. Many casinos prefer that their dealers become T.I.P.S. certified, as it helps reduce liability.  We also provide the option of taking the CPR class at our location through a certified Red Cross trainer.