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Urban Myths about Liquor

Being a bartender and bar school instructor I’ve heard many interesting stories about liquor.  Have you heard any of these? “Dude, there’s deer’s blood and heroin in Jagermeister.” “My dad’s brother’s friend almost died after drinking Goldschlager because the gold flakes cut up his intestines!”  “If you eat the worm in tequila you will begin tripping […]

History of Philadelphia’s Beer Brewing Roots

My interest in everything beer has led to a great interest in the history of breweries in the area of my home town Philadelphia.  I have found that the city of Philadelphia played a significant part in the industrialization of beer in the U.S. and still does today. Outrageous as it sounds, by the end of […]

Do you need to go to bartending school?

I have worked in the hospitality industry for over 20 years. I am a certified teacher and the owner of a bartending school in the Philadelphia area. Let me start by saying that there is what’s called a “bartender” and what I call a “beertender.” Anybody can work at Billy Bob’s Toothless Tavern or at […]